Net Neutrality Threatened by Trump Administration

Tom Wheeler, the former chair of the FCC, used his final speech before stepping down to warn businesses and consumers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be severely limited if the incoming administration strikes down the 2015 open internet order that he and his group put in place. This order positioned the FCC’s net neutrality regulation that prevents Internet Service Providers from slowing or blocking traffic on their networks. This gives all traffic equal opportunity and speed and prevents network favoritism.

Wheeler also showed concern for the Internet of Things, an area of economic growth that is quickly becoming top of mind to many businesses and policy makers in Washington.

“[T]he growth of the internet of things is another area that depends on the open connectivity of those things,” Wheeler said. “If ISPs can decide arbitrarily which IoT device can be connected, or favor their own IoT activity over their competitors, the bright future of IoT dims.” Wheeler continued, “As everything goes into the cloud, the ability to access the cloud free of gatekeepers is essential. If ISPs get to choose which applications and clouds work better than others in terms of access, speed and latency, they will control the cloud future,”.

Wheeler’s position may not be a surprise now but given his past as a lobbyist for the cable and wireless sector his support of net neutrality may come as a shock.

Bill Wilson, a consultant for Broadband Landing, said, “Wheeler may be underplaying the seriousness of the situation. Net Neutrality is the biggest deal that no one really understands. If consumers and small businesses actually realized what the internet would look like after it was bought and sold by large corporations that was be worried. This would be all that was being talked about.”

Wheeler has the same question many businesses do, namely will Trump dismantle a policy that is clearly working? With republicans openly opposed to net neutrality things do seem dire for the policy.

Wheeler’s speech not only acts as a warning to the incoming administration but also clearly attempts to widen the scope of the net neutrality debate as a whole. Consumer impact of the open internet order is almost always the lead in any discussion of net neutrality but here Wheeler’s focus was on the danger to businesses and their increasing use of cloud computing. Interruption or the slowing of these services is a bit more destructive than a video playing slow. Businesses might be required to completely change back office management systems. A company like could have their customer base divided between users that have an ISP that allows their traffic and ISP’s that won’t. Situations of this type could be repeated across many business services. If AT&T buys a firm that provides CMS to sales and marketing groups, it is not unthinkable that they would show preference to this firm over others.

Wheeler specifically calls out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give some companies free access by not charging customers for the data they use. While this isn’t the feared “Fast Lane” net neutrality has been trying to avoid, it may actually be worse.

Wheeler finished his speech with, “It now falls to a new set of regulators, to a new FCC and to those who advocate before it and the Congress to determine the road that they want to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that road. One path leads forward and the other leads back to relitigating solutions that are demonstrably working.”

While the fork in the road analogy fits, it’s actually a bit more drastic than Wheeler makes it seem. One road leads forward and the other leads back a decade and then off a cliff into a hole filled with alligators.

Island Holiday Extravaganza – Five Places You Must See In Mauritius

An African holiday package is a great option for a family vacation, honeymoon or even just a well-deserved getaway – even more so if you opt for an island holiday instead of a conventional bushwhacking adventure. While there is much to be said for venturing into the wild and experiencing Africa’s unique, uncultivated beauty, an island travel experience is something everyone should enjoy at least once in their life.

So, now that you have scoured the internet for Mauritius specials and finally decided on your date of departure you are probably giving some thought to your itinerary, right? Tough one. Mauritius, much like its other African island counterparts, is bursting at the seams with exciting and interesting attractions, activities and cultural pursuits. To make things a little bit easier we have decided to a list of our five favourite Mauritius attractions. And the nominees are (**insert drum roll please**)…

1. Port Louis:
Well, you can’t very well go to a foreign country without visiting its capital, now can you? Port Louis is a bustling harbour- and commercial centre where you will be able to sneak a peek at the way native Mauritians conduct their daily lives. Here you may visit the new Caudan Waterfront for shopping and entertainment, the Central Market if you are keen to haggle over fresh produce, not to mention a plethora of historical sites. Splurge on a horse-drawn carriage tour and learn more about sugar- and rum production in the area.

2. Jardin des Pamplemousses:
The term translates to ‘Grapefruit Garden’, but is used to describe any kind of botanical garden. The garden in question is actually named Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden, but is infrequently referred to as such. If you have a love for all things botanical, a visit to this garden is a must. Here you can view everything from the giant Amazon waterlily to the remarkable Talipot palm that grows for sixty long years, flowers and then promptly dies.

3. Isle Aux Cerfs:
Situated just off of the east coast of the main island, Isle Aux Cerfs (‘Island of Hearts’) is a watersports haven where you can enjoy some of the very best snorkelling around. Keen to enjoy some fresh air? Pack your walking shoes and do the three-hour walk around the island. There are also a number of superb restaurants and a golf course should you get the sudden urge to tee off.

4. The Coloured Earth:
A curious natural phenomenon, the Coloured Earth of Chamarel is the name given to an area where visitors may observe a portion of hillside on which the earth has naturally separated into seven distinct colours. Scientists believe that the different colours stem from the fact that once-molten rock cooled at different rates, but cannot account for the fact that it never merges (not even when it rains or when thoroughly mixed in laboratory test tubes!). The location has a restaurant and a children’s play centre, so families can make a day of it.

5. Domaine de l’Etoile:
The ‘Place of the Stars’, Domaine de l’Etoile is a park that comprises 6000 acres of spectacular woodland on the eastern side of Mauritius. Here you can enjoy guided hikes, quad- or mountain biking, horse riding or simply admire the landscape as you dig into a picnic basket.

So, you thought that island holidays were only about beachcombing and sipping cocktails? We hope that this information will inspire you to make your special Mauritius getaway a more varied and active one! If you have any further questions it may be a good idea to contact an accredited African holiday booking agency who could give you more information.

Adventure Travel An Exciting And Enthralling Experience

You often hear people talking about adventure travel and that makes you wonder as to what adventure travel actually is. It is something by which u can add adventure and fun to your life. So before going for an adventure travel, you must know what it is. Adventure travel doesn’t mean that you have to endanger your life for your trip to be called adventurous!

The term adventurous is a concept that is not defined physically when you talk about adventure travel. This concept is defined psychologically. Different people have different definitions of adventure. Earlier adventure travel meant going abroad or just traveling to different places. However, its definition has changed today. Adventure travel is when you experience an event rather than being a mere spectator in your travels. It is actually living in the present and experiencing the place and not just sight seeing.

Adventure is different for everyone. What may appear adventurous to you could be totally boring for someone. And that is reason that there are so many options available if you want to go for adventure travel. You can choose the one which suits you, and more importantly the one which excites you! White water rafting or kayaking can be fun for someone. On the other hand camping in an interesting place can de defined as adventurous by some people. Hot air balloon ride may sound boring to you but it can be the perfect adventure travel for some.

Adventure travel is when you get yourself involved in an enthralling experience. It includes boating, kayaking, hiking, sky diving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sailing, bicycling and much more! You should not indulge yourself into any form of adventure travel in which you are not comfortable. The level of risk in your travel is defined by you just like term adventure is defined individually. Adventure travel is getting yourself engaged into a new experience but make sure that you are totally comfortable in what you are doing.

You can choose a tour if you wish to go for adventure travel. Such adventure travel tours are available for couples and families. But don’t worry in case you are single, adventure tours are also available for you. So you can make a plan for an adventure tour. You can choose a tour which suits you best. These tours usually have two groups of people. One group goes on sight seeing and visits their areas of interest, whereas the other group involves itself in adventurous activities. Of course the type of activity depends on the tour which you have selected.

It is a misconception that adventure travel is only for the younger people. You can indulge yourself into it irrespective of your age. Adventure travel is enjoyed by one and all. It’s not uncommon to see an old couple getting engaged in adventurous activities. Having worked hard throughout their life, they want o experience something new and enthralling. You can meet people from all quarters of life in adventure travel. Now, meeting different people from different backgrounds can itself be very adventurous!

You can choose an adventure travel which excites you. It can simply be going out of the country to some distant place or maybe engaging yourself in bunjee jumping. Whichever activity you choose, just make sure that you are comfortable in it, for there will be no fun and no adventure if you are not comfortable!

What First Class Travel Has To Offer

Traveling first class in a flight is a pleasure and it is an experience that no one would forget. If you have the chance to travel in a first class ticket it is not wise to miss it. The cost of first class travel is more than the other classes available. It is because of the environment in which you travel and the facilities that are available for you to experience.

First class travel is on a very comfortable seat that can be termed as the ‘Bed in the sky’. Yes, it is true! It is possible to recline that seat on all angles to give you the comfort needed while you sleep. The head rest can be tilted to various positions to suit your posture. You get more space and leg room while you travel in first class. A vertical partition is also available that gives you the privacy needed during your travel.

Sockets to attach your laptop and telephones with satellite connection are available to communicate with anybody you wish. Video monitors and video players with multiple channel options are available for the first class travelers.

Most of the international airlines provide these facilities for the first class travelers. The food that is served is also prepared by reputed chefs and is of international quality. Some airlines provide even pre-dining facilities so that you can have your dinner even before you board the flight so that you have lot of time to sleep in the flight. This facility is available in the night flights.

Some of the airlines provide online check-in facility for first class travel so that you can check in before you arrive at the airport. This avoids the need to stand in the queue to check in. It saves a lot of time for you. First class passengers are allowed to take more luggage. As a first class passenger you have a separate lounge which can be used before you board your flight and while you are waiting for you flight. Facilities to have a luxurious bath and have delicious cuisines are also available for the first class passenger. Some lounges have even libraries to pass your time by reading through some latest books. For those who would like to have a drink there are bars and some lounges even have massage parlors. Some of the bars also have wireless internet access so that you can browse or check your emails while you are at the bar.

To get more information on the facilities that are offered do check the website of the airlines. Why don’t you try this out at least once in your life?

What Does A Travel Consolidator Do?

Travel consolidators are high-volume ticket brokers. They purchase large scale tickets and sell them to customers for a lower price than the published fares.

A travel consolidator buys a large amount of tickets directly from the carriers or the airline companies. This way they get discounted prices because of the volume they purchased. They negotiate with these carriers so they get big discounts. Some travel consolidators even have their own contracts with the airline companies.

However, they only negotiate for a specific region. Somewhere they know that is a popular destination, this way they could sell their tickets faster. Some consolidators are even owned by the carriers themselves. Big airline companies normally have several travel consolidators under their wing. These are done because there may be instances that a number of seats are not sold for a specific flight. What the carriers and the consolidators do is to sell these empty seats at a lower fare. Consolidators buy the extra tickets at a lower price and sell them to travelers on a lower fare than the published rates.

It is not publicly known how consolidating works for travel. Consolidators get their tickets in a much lower price than an ordinary person because of the volume of tickets they bought. This way they could resell the tickets at a much lower price to travelers. But they do make profits. Yes they sell tickets at a lower rate but that doesn’t mean that they are sacrificing their profit. Everything is all about money. And they well know how to make money. They also sell the tickets with the same price as the published fares. This way they earn a bigger profit.

They have their own market. Some consolidators sell their tickets to travel agents alone and some sell them both to the travel agent and the public. Some also sell their tickets online.

Travel consolidators even come with different classifications. There may be those who only do wholesale, meaning they resell their tickets in volume. Other travel consolidators might be those specializing on the destinations. This means that they only buy tickets on specific regions. However there are also those that specialize on multi-stops or those tickets on fights that have several stops.

Like any other jobs travel consolidators have their own pluses and minuses. They have the privilege of buying tickets below the published fares and have the liberty of buying them until the departure date of the said flight. However, they also have their own setbacks. The ticket that they could buy only goes on a specific route which narrows their market. Another thing is they have to negotiate well because it means profit!

Travel and Leisure Destinations For Best Family Vacations

Planning family vacations does not always have to be a taxing one, especially if you have a knack for finding the best all inclusive travel and leisure packages. Traveling with kids often requires more preparation compared to traveling with your partner, with friends or another adult, and before even setting ground rules, you should get started by brainstorming on a vacation spot that will be enjoyable not just for kids of varying ages, but for the adults joining the trip as well. With this in mind, we’ve listed a couple of luxury travel destinations that have been top-rated by kids and parents alike. Enjoy!

1. Atlantis Resort and Casino. For the most apparent reasons, this destination landed easily on the top five. It literally caters to the needs of every family member-the park recreates the lost continent it was named after, and needless to say, this is one of the best spots for water lovers.

Aside from the wonderful amenities, tourists who are kids and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy the resort’s various exhibit lagoons which serve as home to 50,000 animals.

2. London, England. England, is no doubt a dream destination to a lot of tourists. If you have kids who grew up fantasizing about the wizarding world of Harry Potter, then this is the perfect destination for you and the whole family. Get to see the Crown Jewels at Tower of London, enjoy a historical tour of the city’s famous landmarks including Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace, and enjoy a majestic view of the city via the London Eye.

3. Rome, Italy. Can you imagine how you will break the news about traveling to Italy to your kids? We can only think of one way: “Kids, how would you like to visit the country where pizza and gelato were invented?” This will surely get them excited, and you could follow it up by fun facts like “We’re also visiting the world’s smallest country!” since most vacation deals include a tour of the Vatican City.

4. Disney World in Orlando Florida. Contrary to popular belief, this destination is not just for children. There are even some cases when adults had more fun in the trip than their kids did.
Visiting the mecca of every cartoon-lover gives you the chance yo treat your kids to a childhood experience that they will never forget, and at the same time, you also get to reconnect with your inner child.

5. Tokyo, Japan. If Disney World is the mecca of cartoon lovers, Tokyo, Japan probably comes to a close second. The animated city has more to offer than being home to many of your children’s favorite anime characters-the city also houses some of the world’s most amazing museums such as The Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, a destination that is usually included in most luxury travel deals.

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Travel and Leisure Magazines to Inspire the Adventurer in You

Browse through the magazine racks of any bookstore and you’ll find the number of travel and leisure magazines offered endless. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, wanting some top tips to plan a vacation or simply a new activity to keep you busy during time off at home, travel and leisure magazines are the perfect place to start your search. Here’s a round up of some of the best available:

Time Out Magazine
Fast becoming the leading authority on the world’s best cities, from LA to Buenos Aires, Cape Town to Copenhagen, Time Out now has 18 travel and 23 city magazines offering up to date information on the best places to stay, eat and be entertained in the world’s most fabulous cities. Even if you live in one of its featured cities, you can bet Time Out will come up with a new location or activity you never knew existed in your local area. Prepare to be amazed!

A travel and leisure magazine which has been keeping adventurers informed since 1977, Outside is for men and women who lead active lifestyles all year round. With glossy and colorful photography, prepare to be inspired to take to the outdoors and try something new, from rock-climbing to snowboarding, sailing to mountaineering.

National Geographic Adventure
The latest magazine in the National Geographic collection, this one is aimed at active men and women who seek new and exciting ways to explore and experience the globe. The photographs will inspire you to travel to destinations you would never have thought of visiting, alongside an excellent mix of features and articles, covering adventure stories, travel destinations, sports and outdoor activities.

Trailer Life
The writers of this travel and lifestyle magazine guarantee to provide you with information to “follow the road to adventure.” Aimed at owners of RVs, campers and motor homes who spend a few weeks a year or their whole life on the road, this glossy magazine is packed with information on national parks, camp sites, product tests, cooking tips and vehicle maintenance. Definitely one for RV owners who love life on the open road and are ingrained with a spirit of adventure.

For those of us who get our stress relief from relaxation rather than adrenaline packed adventures, Spa Magazine offers the secrets to the latest advances in beauty, healthy living and relaxation as well as a peek behind the doors of the most luxury and private retreats and information on the world’s best spas. If you’re planning a spa vacation, this is the place to find top tips on the most relaxing locations to unwind, detox and recharge your batteries without having to break the bank in the process!

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Insufficient security a concern for IT decision makers

Insufficient wireless security is a concern for 71% of the information technology decision makers (ITDMs), according to a new survey from Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions.
Insufficient security a concern for IT decision makers
©Rancz Andrei via 123RF
This is hardly surprising, given that 29% of the enterprise wireless networks put in place for internal employees, do not have the basic security function of authentication in place.

A significant 16% and 21% of enterprises, respectively, overlook firewall and anti-virus security functions when it comes to wireless strategies. Other security measures deemed critical to core infrastructure protection, such as IPS (deployed by 39%), application control (35%) and URL filtering (41%), play a part in even fewer wireless deployments.

Most common features

When considering the future direction of their wireless security strategies, 56% of ITDMs said they would maintain focus on the most common security features – firewall and authentication – while demand for more security is emerging with 22% prioritising complementary technologies – IPS, anti-virus, application control and URL filtering – to guard against the full extent of the threat landscape.

Other survey highlights include:

• South African ITDMs said the biggest risk to their organisations of operating an unsecured wireless network is the loss of sensitive corporate and/or customer data, with 69% citing this as a concern (vs 48% of global respondents). The next highest risk, service interruption, was cited by 16% of ITDMs, followed by industrial espionage (7%), non-compliance to industry regulations (5%) and damage to corporate reputation (4%).

• 7% of ITDMs polled said their corporate wireless networks have no controls whatsoever for their guest or visitors access. The most common form of guest security access on corporate wireless networks is a unique and temporary username and password (68%), ahead of a shared username/password (20%), a captive portal with credentials (13%).

• Wireless infrastructure governed by a premise-based controller is a thing of the present according to the findings (56%) but this trend will change to cloud-based management as only 12% of enterprise ITDMs refuse to trust the cloud for such critical management in the future.

Of the cloud-ready respondents, 47% would want to use a private cloud infrastructure for wireless management and 53% would outsource to a third party managed services provider. 20% of those considering outsourcing would only do so provided it is hosted in the same country, leaving 33% happy to embrace wireless management as a public cloud service regardless of geography.

Aware of risks

“South African IT decision makers are aware of the risks facing their businesses through unsecured wireless networks, and most feel they have taken steps to mitigate these. However, the threat landscape is evolving and attacks such as advanced persistent attacks will target multiple entry points, including the wireless network. There is no room for complacency when it comes to securing the enterprise,” Perry Hutton, regional director for Africa at Fortinet, said.

The findings come from an independent survey of over 100 South African ITDMs at more than 250 employee organisations in different sectors including financial services, public sector, health, retail, travel and leisure, manufacturing and construction, FMCG, telecoms and technology. All respondents were sourced from independent market research company Lightspeed GMI’s online panel.

Urban tourism trends that will see you explore the Mother City more

Cape Town has a wide variety of urban attractions on offer for local and international travellers. Testament to this is the city being named Africa’s best city and winning the number 10 spot globally in the 2016 Travel and Leisure Awards.

cocoparisienne via
cocoparisienne via pixabay

According to the 2015 Annual Tourism Report, released by South African Tourism, Cape Town’s CBD is the most visited attraction in the country. In 2015, 883 000 people visited the area, officially replacing the V&A Waterfront as the most visited place in South Africa.

With such an increase in visitors to the city centre, tourism has evolved accordingly. From finding accommodation and tourist hotspots, to improvements in urban mobility, visitors and residents alike are able to experience the Mother City with ease and convenience.

Accommodation trends

Part of this local tourism evolution is the adoption of global tourism trends, one of these being the global accommodation trend that is on the rise locally – the sleep pod. These cube-like structures are designed to accommodate a mattress and storage space only, maximising limited space and focusing only on what is absolutely necessary. 91 on Loop is Cape Town’s first hotel to offer visitors the opportunity to experience this new, affordable and compact sleeping trend.

Urban tourism trends that will see you explore the Mother City more
Image Source: CapeInfo

Another accommodation trend that is growing in popularity amongst urban travellers are more environmentally focused hotels. Currently the only hotel in the world to achieve Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council for their design and construction as well as their operations and maintenance, Hotel Verde based at the Cape Town International Airport, ensures that they are not only energy efficient by having energy-saving heating and cooling systems coupled with ground source heat pumps, but that they save water too. They do this by collecting rainwater in a 40,000l stainless steel tank in their basement, which feeds the drip irrigation system. Plus they have low-flow fittings on all of their taps and showerheads. Another achievement is their 6-star rating from the South African Green Building Council awarded to them in 2015. This ensures their hotel is continually operated with stringent efficiency and sustainability targets.

Urban mobility

Urban travellers to SA also have the opportunity to experience more than just an increase in accommodation innovation. Urban mobility has also become a lot simpler, with the rapid adoption of shared transport services like Uber, and the MyCiti Bus service that provides visitors with the option of travelling around the city while visiting a variety of historic spots such as the Company Gardens.

A more cultural experience that would normally necessitate visitors leaving the city is Tuning the Vine, an inner city wine tour. The route introduces people from all walks of life to some of South Africa’s best wines and Cape Town’s urban wineries, for example, Signal Hill Winery, while showing off our phenomenal local wines in an urban context.

Yet another way that we are improving our cities, and facilitating the growth of community, is through park(let)s. Originally parking bays, these repurposed spaces provide people with shade, shelter, free WiFi, and all with no obligations. An example of these is the Regent Road Park(let) that has been embraced by the local residents, and most specifically the more marginalised of the community that previously would have nowhere to sit or access free WiFi.

– GAPP architects: Parklet Activation
Image Source: Future Cape Town – GAPP architects: Parklet Activation

So, with urban tourism showing no signs of slowing down, the question is – what new and exciting urban innovations can we look forward to in the future?

Slava the clown comes to Cape Town

Russian clown and creator of Slava’s Snowshow, Slava Polunin, is expected to be in the audience at the show which opens in Cape Town at Artscape on Wednesday, 17 August.
Slava the clown comes to Cape Town
Introducing Slava Polunin

Praised as one of the most illustrious clowns in the world and famous for his yellow clown character, Assissai, Slava is an icon of Russian culture. Slava is more than an actor and director of theatre, he is also an artistic director and the producer of full-scale, epic size events and festivals, who is constantly gathering and uniting hundreds of artists, across disciplines, to jointly create massive, collective happenings and celebrations. From early 2013 until recently, Slava was also the artistic director of the oldest and biggest circus in Russia – The Bolshoi St-Petersburg Circus. Slava is still involved with this circus, but in a less demanding and more passive role.

Following his performance as part of Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria”, Slava went on to create the Snowshow in the early ‘90s and since it opened more than 20 years ago, Snowshow has never stopped touring, playing to millions of people across the globe. “Our show is not only different year from year – in fact, it is different every time, because it allows lots of room for improvisation and the show remains full of life,” says Slava. The show and its creator have been presented with 20 of the world’s most prestigious theatrical awards, including the Lawrence Olivier, Drama Desk, Triumph and Golden Nose awards.

Slava’s team of Snowshow clowns are in South Africa to entertain, to amaze and to bring a sense of wonder, magic and joy as they transform the venue into a virtual playground. “I’ve just watched a show that isn’t about anything, and it’s absolutely brilliant. So brilliant that I don’t want to leave the theatre in case there’s the tiniest chance that they’ll perform it all over again,” says travel and leisure writer, Lesley Stones.

Aim of Snowshow

So what is the Snowshow all about? Slava says, “The main feeling that people share spontaneously is the joy of returning to a stage of childhood where a sense of playful freedom overcomes our fears and habits. This is what I have dedicated my life in achieving on a daily basis.” Slava further explains, “I don’t really like the word “clown”, today it’s associated with birthday parties and entertainment, the clown is a philosopher.”
Inspired by Monty Python, Fellini and Charlie Chaplin, Slava believes “expression without words is much more organic and natural than using words on stage; visual language is much richer, more personalised and elusive. The fact that we do not use spoken words in our performances is just one of the reasons why Snowshow has been touring the world so successfully.” This highly acclaimed international visual tragi-comedy clown masterpiece for adults and children over the age of eight years is easily understood by all round the world.

“Slava no longer performs in the show and he seldom travels with The Snowshow, so we feel privileged that this iconic entertainer is joining us to watch the opening performances in Cape Town,” says local promoter, Tony Feldman of Showtime Management.